Learn to fly and become Private, Instrument, or Commercial Rated Pilot by taking Flight Lessons at Southern California's Premier Private Pilot School. CIA Flight School (by Channel Islands Aviation, Inc.) is a regional award winning Cessna Pilot Center (CPC) providing Part 141 and Part 91 Private and Professional Flight Training & Aircraft Rentals to the Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties in the Central / Southern California area. Camarillo Airport (KCMA) is based within 50nm of Oxnard Airport (KOXR), Santa Paula Airport (KSZP), Van Nuys Airport (KVNY), Whiteman Airport (KWHP), Burbank Airport (KBUR), Santa Barbara Airport (KSBA), Santa Monica Airport (KSMO), Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX), Hawthorne Airport (KHHR), and Torrance / Zamperini Field Airport (KTOA).